TOSK Global Ventures

Agricultural Commodity Trading Company

TOSK Global Ventures Limited is an Irish import and export company established to provide quality agricultural products and trading services to our clients. Our location in one of the most important European hubs, Dublin, Ireland, allows prime access to all EU markets, and the resources to supply all over the world.

​We focus on the trade of agricultural commodities from regions across Africa, acquiring a world-class solution to meeting our customers’ and stakeholders’ needs which is globally unrivalled in our areas of operation.

​We have a presence in the product’s origin and buying countries, which allows the company to supervise product processing and work with clients directly; and at the same time ensuring the best quality at reasonable prices and a smooth shipping process with the global standard of traceability.

Our mission is to build a sustainable, diverse and sustainable global supply chain whilst making a positive impact in communities where we live and work. We assist our customers in market entry, set up, marketing and finance and the suppliers by helping them through education, training, and resources of sustainable production, empowering them to build a brighter future.

TOSK Global Ventures

Block B unit 2

BASE Enterprise Park

Damastown Road


Dublin 15