Applying For A unit with BASE Enterprise Centre

What you will need

Applying for a unit at BASE Enterprise Centre requires the submission of an application. The application is then assessed by an Assessments’ Board. Once the Application has passed the assessment process, the application is submitted to the Board of Directors of BASE Enterprise CLG for final approval.

Where To Start

Expression of Interest

Start your application by submitting an expression of interest form. This supplies BASE with an overview of you business and the people behind it and is a vital first point of contact.

Meet & View

We will contact you to arrange a viewing of available spaces and to further discuss your requirements.

Submit your application

We will request that you now submit an application for space: more details


A decision can take up to 3 weeks. Once your application for space has been approved, we will contact you to let you know and to iron out a few small details. You will then receive your keys and start your journey at BASE.

Your Application should Include


A  plan outlining your business and its potential. Your plan should be up to date at the time of applying. You can find templates and help here or contact our team for more assistance.

Financial Projections (2 years)

Your potential profit and loss for the next two operating years from date of application. You can find templates and help here or contact our team for more assistance.

Tax clearance Certificate

Tax Clearance is obtained from The Revenue Commissioners. The certificate is used to identify that there is no outstanding tax owed by you (sole trader) or your registered business.