Dublin Enterprise Zone

Did you know that BASE Enterprise Centre & park is part of the Dublin Enterprise Zone? But what exactly is the Dublin Enterprise Zone?…Read on to find out.

The Dublin Enterprise Zone or DEZ is an area of around 1571 hectares, located in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 and is home to a variety of industries from R&D, High-Tech Manufacturing, Industrial, General Enterprise and Employment. The zoned area has only been partially developed and has the potential to create thosands of jobs as development continues.

The Dublin 15 location has many benefits for business, being situated very close to Dublin Airport accessible via the M50, which runs right through the Dublin Enterprise Zone. The M50 Motorway also links to Dublin Port via the Port Tunnel on the M1. These transport links provide any Enterprise or business located in the Dublin Enterprise Zone Exceptional access to goods & services.

Businesses in DEZ

Employees in DEZ

Hectares Land Zoned DEZ

Undeveloped hectares in DEZ

“Dublin Enterprise Zone has become a magnet for international and indigenous companies”

Over the past 20 years Fingal County Council, IDA Ireland and the priavte sector have made considerable investments in the the Dublin 15 region that is the Dublin Enterprise Zone and they are commited to continuing investing and promoting the DEZ which in turn continues to attract foreign and domestic direct investment.

The Blanchardstown area has a wide range of benefits besides its exceptional transport links including:

  • Blanchardstown Shopping Centre – Irelands leading shopping, lesiure and reatial park destination that is home to 180 stores, 3 retail parks and 25+ resturants.
  • A wide range of public parks and lesiure activites including golf courses
  • Quality homes in fantastic locations at affordable prices
  • Numerous health facilites and acute hospitals in the Dublin region
  • World class facilites and grounds for sports including the National Aquatic centre and sports campus which is home to the Football Assocuitaion of Ireland and the IRFU

BASE Enterprise CLG is proud to be a part of the Dublin Enterprise Zone and is dedicated to continuing to assist new SME’s find space in the Dublin Enterprise Zone. For more information on the Dublin Enterprise Zone please visit the DEZ website .

Dublin Enterprise Zone Brochure

Download the Dublin Enterprise Brochure for more information.